Make Money Being You


Happy Friday my peeps!

For a lot of the world – that might mean PAY DAY at a full time gig. Or for those of us that don’t receive a weekly stipend, any time we get paid is pay day and that’s, well.. exciting.

Today I wanted to take a moment and talk about why I believe being yourself is the most valuable (money making) asset of your business.

When I started this venture of self employment about five years ago, I spent countless hours looking at what others in my field were doing inside of THEIR businesses. Going down this road can do many a number to you and your sweet psyche.. two big ones being : 1) Convincing yourself you’ll never be good enough or able to “catch up” with that person 2) Forgetting exactly who YOU are because you’re too consumed with the image you think you need to be to succeed.

The moment I realized driving down road that wasn’t getting me ANYWHERE was the moment everything changed.

Here’s why.

Your secret weapon to success is the unique DNA that makes you, you! My friend, what YOU have already is all you need and the great news is, no one else can get it. Just like you can’t copy or become like that other business you’ve been keeping an eye on.

YOUR people are somewhere out there right now wanting to support and work with a business owner that shares common ground with them.

I think one thing that holds us back from being ourselves and fully putting our personality and ideas out there.. is the thought of rejection. The idea of losing certain followers or potential customers seems like it sucks, right?  Here’s the thing, YOU MIGHT. Nobody is for everybody, unless you have opened up a McDonalds or a Cook-Out. Actually scratch that – I know many crazies that don’t go to either of those establishments either! (More for me)

You won’t be for everyone. And that’s actually great! It’s really great. Because when you start BEING YOURSELF, instead of attracting a little bit of all different kinds of people – you’re going to start attracting a lot more of the RIGHT people. And by right people, I mean your people. And YOUR people are going to love you, stick around forever, and pay you WELL! Because they have found a business AND a business owner that they trust and adore. And that’s worth every penny to them.

Go treat yourself to a glass of wine or some McDonalds french fries today, you hard-worker you. It’s Friday and you deserve it. You also deserve to be yourself and to feel good about that.



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