Three truths of being your own boss


I’ve been lucky enough to be my own boss for almost five years now. If there’s one thing I can tell you it’s that no one can teach you how to be an entrepreneur. You teach yourself along the way. Your customers teach you. Your bank account teaches you. Your gut teaches you.

It’s a rollercoaster ride. Often filled with super high HANDS IN THE AIR happiness! But just like any other line of work/rollercoasters, there are lows. Stressful times. Times where you were faking it so hard, you almost convinced yourself you were making it. Entrepreneurship can often look very glamorous and easy peasy from the outside looking in. I wanted to take a quick moment today to share a little inside scoop. A few thoughts, if you will, on the reality of choosing to be an entrepreneur.

1 ) The SELF in self – employed.

One hidden part of self employment that a lot of people may not realize is the amount of actual time you’re on your own. BY.YOUR.SELF.

And not just by yourself working, but by yourself in the fact that this whole thing is YOURS. You’re the only one that directs your business’s future, makes its goals, corrects its mistakes, and truly cares enough to keep it alive.

Your family, friends, mentors, accountant – sure, yeah! They’re your support system, your sideline cheerleaders. But, you’re on your own buddy!! You set the alarm, you’re getting through the to do list. It’s what YOU put in that counts. A little scurry, right?

With that, there’s A LOT of alone time. A lot of getting to know yourself (and talking to yourself) There’s no co workers, no break room, no holiday office party. It’s harder to meet people in an easy way/environment. But that’s okay. Because you’re an entrepreneur. You’re more than okay with doing things the hard way.

Putting yourself out there is part of the gig. Co working spaces and reaching out to (strangers) fellow entrepreneurs for coffee will become your JAM! Because of this, you’ll meet and befriend people you would’ve never crossed paths with before. Those people will help impact your business too.

2 ) “You’re so lucky you get to make your own schedule!”

In 2017 I took two trips to Europe. I was fortunate enough to have my passport stamped in Portugal, Spain, Scotland, and Denmark. I think it’s safe to say I probably wouldn’t have been able to take the time to do that if I had to ask a boss named something like.. Miranda Priestly.. if I could take four weeks off. When you’re the Miranda Priestly of your own company, you’re fortunate enough to plan out your hours, days, and your entire year.


There’s never a true off the clock. Inside the office of entrepreneurship, there’s no 5:00 clock stare where you know your about to check out mentally and physically until the next morning. That’s the sacrifice. Even when your email vacation reminder is on, it’s there sitting in the back of your mind.

A lot of self employed peeps have a ticking time table on the jobs within their businesses. If an email or phone call isn’t answered within twenty four hours, a service/potential client is lost. Your income for that month, depleted. Some of us are lucky to have help, so that those calls never go unanswered when we’re out of the office. But then again, some of us don’t.

So yeah traveling is a big part of my life. I’ve been able to have some pretty incredible experiences in the last few years, but only after working long hours for weeks at a time before hand or by answering emails and editing hundreds of images on planes, trains, and sketchy hostel bunk beds in between. The view doesn’t hurt ; )

3)  The hustle doesn’t stop.

I used to think my first couple of years into my business that I would reach a point where I wouldn’t have to work as much. I thought I was “paying my dues”. (Maybe this thought also just kept me sane). And in way, I was. I worked  A LOT. I worked A LOT for very little money at first. In those couple of years, I met more people than I could have imagined and pressed the shutter button to my camera quadruple times that. As I reflect on the changes of my business since those days, I realize the hustle/the dues aren’t necessarily done. They aren’t close to done. Because that’s just now how it works.

Entrepreneurs are always focused on the future of their business. They are always growing. Because if they stop, they get left behind. Our society, our technology, consumers needs and wants are constantly changing. So are the business owners themselves! Our own lives change that require our business to rewire. Entrepreneurs have chosen a path that doesn’t eventually go into auto-pilot. Just when we think we have it figured out and prop our feet up to get nice and cozy, KABOOM. We’re diving into the next venture.


Being your own boss is one of the most rewarding and liberating experiences a human can have. I wake up with a grateful heart each morning that I am able to do what I love. But just like any other person out there, waking up doing any other line of work, it’s a job. It’s got its hard parts, it’s got its bomb parts. It’s not for everyone, just like a 9-5 isn’t for everyone. I hope you’ve learned something from this here post! If you’ve made it this far.. i really like you. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Now is the time where I should stop and end this! If you liked this, leave a comment to let me know you were here.


Julia Fay

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  1. Bryson

    January 15th, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Good stuff Julia! Not a lot of people talk about these truths!

  2. Rosie

    January 15th, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Very nicely written Julia.

    Love your drive, very motivational!

  3. Jena

    March 21st, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    Julia! I love this post. Being your own boss is extremely liberating, and also the hardest you’ll ever work in a job. Though, it’s totally worth it. It’s nice to hear that I share the highs and the lows that you described. 💕