Jamie + Ben | Asheville NC Engagement Shoot


Jamie and Ben crossed paths when both were doing their own thing. Ben was about to move to North Carolina and Jamie was making plans for Michigan. They didn’t think anything serious was coming from a fling three months before moving, but two and a half years of long distance dating later..Jamie moved to Charlotte!
Usually this is the part where I share the proposal story – which is so cool because I WAS THERE. That’s right, Ben gets major points for hiring a photographer to capture that moment. You can check out the proposal story and photos here! It’s a good one. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when the couple got back in touch with me a month later to hire me for their wedding day… SO excited.
It only made sense to start off their engagement session in their new home including their pup child – Moz! From the second Jamie made her move to Charlotte she was constantly showing Ben dogs up for adoption from different rescues. Jamie’s persistence payed off and Ben finally caved which led them to an adoption event, a day before Jamie left to take her NC Bar Exam.  She goes on to tell me, “We got to the event and I knew we were going home with a dog. I spent one night with him and Ben before heading up to Raleigh saying ‘Good luck taking care of the 10 week old puppy! See you in four days!’ ”

Their ideal Saturday is one spent together in the corner of Charlotte where they’ve made their home, Plaza Midwood. Whether it’s walking into town for dinner or taking Moz to Frazier Park after it has rained. “He loves to lay in the giant mud pit that has formed, his own personal spa day”, Jamie laughs.

Ben admires Jamie’s toughness that’s tied together with passion, in everything she does. Jamie remarks that Ben is truly one of the smartest people she knows. Together they make quite the team! I was able to spend the day with them on this beautiful fall day for their engagement session from Plaza Midwood to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. On September 29th of 2018, we will all get together again for the biggest celebration of all, their wedding day.

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