Grea + Ryan


It’s with a big smile on my face that I introduce you to these two – Grea and Ryan. We met for the first time over a cup of coffee last December to talk about working together. ( I thought her name was pronounced Gre-UH..turns out it’s pronounced, like the color..grey. Thanks for not thinking I’m an idiot and still hiring me, girlfriend!) As the two sat next to each other telling me more about how they met and their wedding plans, I couldn’t help but pick up on just how excited and giddy they were. That in turn, made me so excited.

Ryan goes on to tell me that the night they crossed paths was pretty much guided by fate and..not so unlucky late night shifts! They met at the hospital where Grea works. That night neither of them were scheduled to be there. Grea was called into work and Ryan who was in his field training program with the Sheriff’s office, was there responding to call. After learning that Ryan indeed did not have a ring on his left hand or a girlfriend, Grea passed on her number. (That’s right..girls can make the first move!) Ryan said, as soon as his training officer and him walked out the door that evening, the officer turned and said, “You’re stupid if you don’t call her tomorrow.” They went on their first date that next week and the rest, well.. it’s history.

Ryan took girlfriend at the time, Grea, up to Maine to visit family in the fall! He wanted to show her one of his favorite places and he may have had another agenda as well…

It was a Saturday afternoon, and they had spent most of the day walking around Portland, Maine when they came back to their cabin to grab something to eat. The plan was to take Grea to his favorite place in Maine that afternoon right on the ocean. But, his nerves and excitement had a different plan. “If you know me, you know I can’t keep a secret, and it was literally killing me inside because I wanted to ask her so bad. The Clemson game was on, so Grea decided she wanted to watch the rest of the game before we left again. I went and walked around outside our cabin, which was right on a lake. I decided I just had to do this right now, I could not wait any longer”, Ryan shares. With Grea’s whole attention on the Clemson game, Ryan asked her to come outside…which might have been more described as convincing her. “Once she came out, I asked her the easiest and best question I have ever gotten to ask someone before. She thought I was falling when I got down on one knee, and tried to help me back up before she realized what was happening. It was the perfect moment.”


Grea and Ryan will marry on May 5th 2017 in Fort Mill SC. They can’t wait to be best friends forever.

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