Gabby | Senior Shoot | Anne Springs Greenway


Senior sessions make my heart happy. They take me back to my seventeen year old self, a time I don’t think I truly appreciated as much then, but would give a lot to go back to again now. I was SO ready for college. With some older friends that I watched already transition into college, I had a taste of it – and I could.not.wait. for my turn. A couple months into my senior year of high school, I was already filling out applications. Dreaming of what life would be like if I went to this school – or that school. If I could go back now, I would have looked myself if the mirror and said, slow your roll girlfriend. Your time will come, and it will be awesome. But, enjoy this time now. When the end of senior year rolled around, I didn’t expect myself to be sad! But I was. The ol’ saying my dad kept reminding me time and time again was ringing true.. “These are the best years of your life, don’t wish them away.” You’re the man, pops.

Graduation was one of the best days of my life. I remember spending the morning perfecting the perfect playlist and dancing with my best friend Danielle as we got ready together. The whole day was filled with hugs and watery eyes, knowing it would be the last time in a long time I would see these friends. I can vividly remember when it was time to go..hugs and goodbyes had all happened and I didn’t want to turn my back. I’m thankful for those memories and friendships still. Okay….now that I’ve spilled out my feels for the day, it’s time to transition this post into Gabby’s adorable senior session.

Gabby’s energy, smile, and conversation she shared with her mama during our session together brought me back to those days. Photographing this time of her life was a joy. Can’t wait to see where you go next, beautiful!

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