Farrah + Kevin


When I think of Farrah + Kevin, I can’t help but smile a little bit. They’re the kind of couple that when you’re around them, you’re relaxed and happy. Kevin’s easy going spirit and Farrah’s bubbly loving heart make quite the team. I know this not only from shooting their photos the other week, but from social gatherings around our shared home town the last few years and one amazing cruise vacation we all took to the Bahamas this summer. I’ll leave those photos out of this post : )

Farrah and Kevin met after a day of USC tailgating and football at a restaurant in downtown Columbia SC. Kevin happened to be sitting at the table Farrah and friends were meeting up with other friends at. There was a seat open beside him, and he immediately introduced himself. Within moments of talking and getting to know each other a little, they realized they both shared a huge passion for golf. This common ground sparked an even bigger interest to Kevin. When I asked him what his first impression of Farrah was he said, “I immediately thought she was beautiful and then I learned she played golf and she got 10 times hotter!” As the night ended, numbers were swapped and Kevin said to Farrah, “This wont be the last time I see you.” Farrah agreed : )

When Farrah shared with me that their first date was at no other than Chic-Fil-A I couldn’t help but chuckle (and instantly crave some waffle fries).  Farrah recalls, “I didn’t want to be a brat and say ‘How about Ruth’s Chris Steak House?’..so I kind of word vomited and said ‘Chic-fil-a is fine’.” The two laugh about this first date memory all the time.

Almost three years later, Kevin popped the question at the Peach Tree Farm during a photoshoot, catching Farrah completely off guard! The two will marry May 5th 2018 in Rock Hill SC.

Kevin’s favorite thing about Farrah? “I love that she’s so adventurous and spontaneous ALL the time. She never takes a break! Everyday is something new and I love that about her.” Farrah response, “My favorite thing about Kevin is that I can depend on him for anything. He has never let me down. When I need him he’s there with open arms and a willing heart, even if its inconvenient for him.”

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