Alyssa + Dan | Madren Center Clemson SC Wedding


July 22nd 2017, the wedding of Alyssa + Dan Argentieri, may have never happened if it wasn’t for an apartment complex being notorious for towing. The night the two crossed paths, Alyssa and her friend moved their cars to keep from being towed to a friends apartment complex. It was here where the girls met a group of guys from the PGA Golf Management program at Clemson, Dan being one in the crew. Even though only a few words were exchanged between Dan and Alyssa at Ethan’s apartment, there was something about Dan that intrigued Alyssa. Later that night, Alyssa asked Ethan, “Who is that Dan guy?”. Ethan just laughed and said, “Dan just asked about you”. That night, phone numbers were swapped.

That following weekend, Dan would be heading to New Bern NC to start a summer internship and in a couple weeks, Alyssa would be heading to Spain to study abroad. Dan and Alyssa continued talking amidst the bad timing. Before Alyssa left for Spain, Dan convinced his new boss and roommate to take the long trip to Clemson to see Alyssa one last time. Completely oblivious to the reason for Dan’s spontaneous visit, Alyssa told Dan she wasn’t going to go out since none of her friends were. Dan had already driven 6 hours and was very upset and he became even more upset when he realized he missed his car hitting the 100,000 mile mark. Eventually, Dan convinced Alyssa to come out with him.

Dan and Alyssa skyped every night while she was abroad and Alyssa was able to share her amazing adventures with Dan. Eventually while Alyssa was in Spain, they decided to make it FBO (Facebook official). Since many of Alyssa’s friends hadn’t met or heard of Dan yet, they thought she had started dating a Spanish guy! When Alyssa returned from Spain, she drove straight NC to spend the 4th of July with Dan.

Fast forward a unique semester apart, graduation, and then two meant to be jobs in the same town – the two set a date, and married 1 day after Alyssa’s parents anniversary and 2 days after Dan’s parents. It only made sense to marry in the corner of the world that means so much to both of them, not to mention where they met – Clemson SC! With beautiful summer weather all morning and afternoon for photos, it was pretty hysterical when a raincloud decided to say hello minutes into their wedding ceremony. The bridal party and guests were troopers as everyone took cover with programs and jackets to watch Mr + Mrs Argentieri seal the deal! The weather cooled off the rest of the evening and the party ensued.

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