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Ally and Trent Johnson are the best of both worlds; they love a good adventure that takes them out exploring the world together; and, yet, they’re deeply rooted in so many good qualities like love and faith – and how each of those qualities have the power to transform.

The two are both originally from Charlotte – Ally is from Charlotte proper; Trent hails from Waxhaw, a community one hour south of Charlotte. As is often the case with communities in close knit cities like Charlotte, the two shared mutual family friends and connections – Ally’s cousins went to high school with Trent – yet, the two never met.

In 2011, when Ally shared the exciting news she would be attending Furman University in the fall, these same mutual family friends and connections told her about ‘this really sweet guy who is also going to Furman’. They were talking about Trent.

The two didn’t meet initially at the Greenville, South Carolina university. They both dated other people through college. Ally admits that she saw Trent on campus, and often thought, ‘I think that’s the guy’ who her family friends in Charlotte had referred to.

In the fall of senior year, both Ally and Trent returned to Furman single; they were both fresh out of relationships. When their respective friend circles came together that fall, the two finally met. And they hit it off almost immediately.  Their first date was an Brett Eldridge concert at the Orange Peel in Asheville; by Christmas of that school year, they were dating seriously.

They connected so well and so quickly because they were both the people in their respective friend circles who were hungry for an adventure – to get out there, try something new, explore. That spirit of adventure followed them through after graduation; now working in Greenville, the couple made the most of time off together; weekends became their time together to explore adventures such as kayaking, concerts or brewery visits.

In October 2016, Trent was ready for a whole new adventure. The couple headed to the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville before a concert at the Orange Peel. Trent proposed; Ally said yes. The proposal was a special surprise – their friends didn’t know about it, but their families did. Both sets of parents joined the couple for an intimate dinner after the proposal.

The couple was married on Saturday, June 16, 2017 in the chapel at Sharon Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. A reception followed at Bryon’s in South End. Ally’s favorite part of the reception? “We didn’t leave the dance floor the entire night,” she remembers. “It was so fun to see just lots and lots of dancing among our family and friends.”

As much as the couple thrives on adventure, their feelings for each other are rooted in so many good things. Ally candidly shares that her rugged and strong husband is ‘just a really big teddy bear’; and that he challenges and supports her in being the best version of herself. As well, she speaks how much they’ve matured together. “It’s really cool how much we’ve grown and how much love has transformed us,” she says.

(Written by Meg Seitz w/ Toth Shop)

June 16th was such a wonderful day. Really, one of those days that reminded me how blessed I am to have a j-o-b that surrounds me with just good peeps. Ally + Trent, you are sure are some of them! Here’s to all of the adventures you two will have together. I’m so happy I was able to be a small part of this big one!!

Your friend, Julia.


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